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3 Simple Ways to Increase Sales!

However good your products might be, whether physical or digital products, they have less meaning to you if you can not realize the kind of sales you expect to generate from them.

Worse still, it can be frustrating trying to increase sales, especially in an economy that is slow, where people are very watchful of every dollar they spend.

However, do not panic yet if you’ve not yet made any sale or if all you’ve got in a few months is a paltry number of sales. There are some proven strategies you can use to increase sales.

Before embarking on any sales strategy, you need to equip yourself with basic sales skills. Even if you think you’re the best sales person in the world, you still need to refresh your skills continuously. Customer expectations change constantly so you need to be able to adapt to these changes in order to come up with brilliant sales strategies.

For your online business though, here are three simple strategies you can use to boost sales productivity and increase your sales.

1. Make use of affiliates

For a simple one-off payment at Clickbank, you can avail your product to affiliates who will promote it for you. You can determine the amount of commission you want your affiliates to earn from selling your item. Another great thing is that Clickbank is a payment gateway of its own, which saves you the hassle of having to settle the commissions owed to the affiliates because it is handled by Clickbank.

Additionally, as your affiliates promote your product, they redirect traffic to your website. Therefore, besides seeing your bank balance shooting through the roof, your site’s traffic rankings will also increase.


2. Organize a workshop

You’ll benefit greatly by periodically organizing workshops for your affiliates. Come up with a set of rules and guidelines for your affiliates to adhere to in order to be able to get the grand prize. Set targets and offer prizes and incentives to affiliates who manage to hit those targets. This is a good way to realize surging sales figures.

3. Set up a workshop

You can also organize a free workshop or some sort of lecture to impart knowledge that people need. For instance, if your product is an e-course that teaches people how to blog, you can set up a free hands-on workshop with the condition of first purchasing the product.

Alternatively, you can even make more profit by asking them to first buy the product, and then as a promotion, offer them a 60 percent discount on the entrance ticket to the workshop. This idea is better than the first one as it makes your lessons more valuable and it gives the impression that you have vast experience in that particular niche and you’re pretty sure of what you’re doing.

With these three simple online marketing strategies, you will see your sales shoot through the roof. However, it takes careful planning and a lot of input to realize the results that match your expectations and efforts.




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