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Writing the Resource Box So It Makes People Click

Article marketing is one of the best strategies you can use for effective search engine optimization and link building.

But article marketing can do a lot more than that. It is also a very powerful way to create targeted, actionable traffic to your site’s landing page.

Article directories will allow you to include a particular paragraph at the end of every article when you submit your work.

This paragraph is known as the resource box and you can include a link back to your website inside this resource box. However, if your link is presented in a way that’s not compelling, then people will not be clicking on it, which denies you the traffic you so crave.

So, you’ve succeeded at grabbing your reader’s attention. You now want them to go all the way to the last paragraph, the resource box, and even do more – click through to your website.

Many individuals make the mistake of filling the resource box with their bio. Readers are more interested in what you can offer them, rather than your background. Therefore, you’re better off using the resource box to tell them what you can do for them instead of who you are.

Your resource box should be an attention grabber, just as the title and article content did. One of the best ways to do this is by offering your readers an exciting free offer using keywords that point at why they read your article to begin with.


But you may wonder why you need to offer a compelling offer and free one at that when your aim is to sell something. The fact is that you lure flies better with something sweet than one that’s bitter.

Do not aim at making immediate sales. Offer a free incentive related to what you want to sell, get the reader’s contact (name and email address) on your landing page and then sell to them once they get on to your email list.

Nothing in article marketing builds brand equity like a resource box on your articles. As readers notice more articles on the particular subject of interest authored by you, you in turn garner a loyal following of readers who gradually get to trust content from you.

And when you want to augment your online presence, trust is one thing you can bank on. Article marketing using the resource box is a good way to build trust as you ‘brand’ and promote your website.

Use the space in your resource box wisely because it is mall. Get your reader’s attention with words that suggest desired benefits.

It goes without saying that your compelling offer, the keywords you use (the whole resource box) should be talking about the same things as your landing page. You risk destroying your credibility if you mislead your website visitors.

You shouldn’t take the power of a resource box for granted. While it may be small in size, it is immensely important as it can significantly boost your traffic volumes. But remember, it all starts with the content you put in your article.

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