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Choosing Right Keywords In AdWords Phrases

It’s a hard task choosing the right keywords to target but an extremely crucial one for the success of your online business.

You might think you know what your potential customers are going to be typing in Google but for sure, you can never be certain. Even the smallest of changes – like making a word plural – can create a world of differences.

So where do you begin? First create a list of the possible phrases that you think people are using to search.

It’s easier if you run some kind of analytics tool on your site as you’ll be able to see – from the reports – which keywords have been used by people searching for your website. You might discover a few surprises but any words that are not already on your list should be added.

Once your list has taken shape, it’s now time to make use of some tools to further analyze your selected keywords. A free tool that’s also highly recommended is Google’s keyword tool for Adwords. (Google uses Adwords to run its Pay Per Click Advertising Program).

When you launch the Adwords keyword tool, type in your keyword list, entering each keyword phrase on a separate line. When you click on ‘Get Keyword Ideas’, a list of proposed keywords will be generated by Google based on the traffic got over the last year and previous month. Analyze the traffic data and search for similar phrases.

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This analysis in Google Adwords and some other keyword tool may reveal a host of new keywords that may not have crossed your mind before. Remember, the objective of keyword research is to find those words that customers are using to search, not what you would use.

Another keyword tool you can give a try is WordTracker. They offer a free trial version but it doesn’t really match the capabilities of Google Adwords keyword tool. WordTracker offers a paid version of their tool which is more robust than the free trial version.

You also need to find the websites that are competing for the same keywords with you. Unfortunately, you will not get a lot of information in this area with the free tools. If you have some time to spare, you can do some legwork on your own using Google by typing in your keywords and making an assessment of your leading competitors.

The final thing you might want to know is what is referred to as the ‘long-tail keyword phrases’ in SEO circles. Often, these are buried gems in the search engine treasure chest. They are simply longer keyword phrases that are very specific to your service or product or even location.

If someone uses a long keyword phrase, they are usually looking for something specific and are willing to pay for it the moment they find it. And better yet, these long-tail keyword phrases have less competition, which means that you have higher chances of being found.

So if you’re a property dealer in Boston specializing in condo units, you’re more likely to close the deal with a potential customer who finds you with a search phrase like ‘condo dealer in Boston’ than you would with ‘Boston property dealers’.


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