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Correct Ways to Link Build

You hear people say all the time that link building is hard, and the truth is, it really is. It’s outright tedious, frustrating, time consuming, and requires knowledge of how search engine ranking works.

To make matters worse, link building can be costly, regardless of whether you’re doing it in-house or outsourcing it.

There is also a great deal of information on link building and most of the tips are good ideas. Fact is some techniques are very uncertain.

For instance, infographics are good but it’s not an assured thing you’ll get backlinks from it, so this makes it hard to go into. This is not ideal particularly for small businesses as they have to minimize the risk of wasting a great deal of man hours.

Let’s look at a few correct ways to build links free of charge.


It’s a pretty obvious method but many people who use directory listings are doing it the wrong way. Most times they use an automated tool or use any directory they come across. You must not only target good directories, they have to be relevant too. Do some research for directories specific to your target keywords and the good thing is that most are free.

Google Alerts

Surprisingly, this is one of the most overlooked methods. Many people have Google alerts already set up for monitoring their website and brand name. you should use it to your advantage. When you see someone writing about your website, request them to create a link from a word or two. You’ll be surprised at the positive response rate you’ll get.

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Web Tools

These are many: URL Shorteners, Character Counters, Calculators, and many more. All these tools can be utilized. Try to find out what tools would be useful for the sites you’re targeting. There are thousands of tool and widget directories where you can put your tool.

You can also identify people that would find the tool useful and send them a promotional offer for the tool through email. Although the tool is already free, they may think it’s a great deal and will be more willing to put it up.

For websites that would normally not consider this offer, this is a good way to get links. For instance, websites that already have a steady revenue stream may think that by placing a link, they will be encouraging customers to click away from their site.

Guest Posts

This is another great method which has received a lot of publicity recently. But nevertheless, it’s still an effective method. Write free content for bloggers. They will accept because it saves them a lot of time, and they won’t really mind if you squeeze in a link.

The good thing is that there are bloggers out there already looking for guest posts while others are open to the idea if you request them.

WordPress Plugins

This is generally the same principal as for the web tool, but instead you’ll be converting the tool into a WordPress plugin. There are tons of WordPress sites out there and most importantly, it doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge to create a working WordPress site.

So all you’ll have to do is turn the widget into a WordPress plugin and post to the WordPress plugins directory.

These few link building methods are simple and most of all free. There are several other ways to correctly link build that you can look out for but start with these.


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