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5 Great Sources of Inbound Links

So, what's the big deal about inbound links? Let's take a closer look.

If you've read even the most basic articles out there about search engine algorithms, you know that the key to getting higher in listings is to have a ton of inbound links from quality sites. That doesn't mean joining link farms or buying advertising space.

It means getting reference and authority sites to point links in your direction with keyword oriented anchor text. But, where can you actually get high page rank back links?

Here are five of the best sources for quality links that will have the biggest impact on your search engine rankings. This is by no means a complete list, but is a great way to get started.

1. Directories - Directories are one of the oldest tools on the Internet when it comes to SEO and they still work just as well now as they always did. The reason is that it is hard to get listed in a directory and all entries are manually checked and placed to ensure they are accurate.

Google respects that placement and will reward sites with a very powerful backlink. The top two directories are the DMOZ - Open Directory Project and Yahoo! Yahoo! is a paid directory while the DMOZ is free, but takes weeks to months to get listed in. Other directories are available as well for small fees.

2. Blogs and Forums - Commenting on other sites is a great way to develop backlinks. Your goal is to find industry blogs and forums that don't use "no-follow" tags. The "no-follow" tag is not necessarily bad for your linking, but it doesn't help as much as a standard link.

On forums, use your signature and make sure to provide value to the site. On blogs, you'll need to comment frequently and use links in your user name or as a reference.


3. Article Directories - Article marketing provides plenty of good backlinks as well. Write articles for posting on sites like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Buzzle, or Easy Articles and you'll get a good backlink from a PR 4+ site.

The problem with these backlinks is that they tend to fade quickly unless your articles get a lot of traffic due to the volume of content on the sites. So, repeated posting to the sites may be necessary.

4. .Edu and .Gov Reference Sites - There are not many, but if you can find a niche related EDU or GOV site that allows comments and linking, you should post there. Many Affiliate Marketing sites like Affilorama offer Trusted Site search engines to find sites that fit the bill. If you can get a backlink from these sites, they're worth a LOT.

5. Social Media - No one is particularly sure how much of an impact links from Facebook, Twitter or MySpace have on your performance, but they are useful, especially if multiple users post the links.

A viral blog post that spread through Digg, Reddit, and Facebook will generate quite a few good backlinks. YouTube is another good site if you get quite a few page views on your videos.

Getting the kind of links you need to be competitive in a highly profitable niche can be hard. It takes time and money to get all those links, but with organic SEO, the results will often last for a lot longer than if you just bought PPC advertising.

And once you find a good set of links that are quick and easy to generate and point to your site, you can repeat the process multiple times. Every website is unique to be sure, but when in the same niche, never forget the link sources that have proven successful in the past. Also, be sure to backlink your backlinks to get maximum SEO benefits.

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