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How to Maximize Your Use of PLR

Every few days I get an email from someone wondering what the deal is with PLR. Showing up on forums, in web searches and in multiple guides to online marketing, PLR is one of those tools that too few of us really understand.

But, for those that do, it's an immensely useful tool that can save you a LOT of money when used properly. So, let's take a closer look at how to get the very most out of your PLR each month and how to make money with PLR.

Find the Best Providers

Not all PLR is created equally and yet most Internet marketers view it as a stock tool that doesn't need to be vetted in the same fashion as original content. If you don't have any Internet marketing friends you can turn to for recommendations, ask for samples.

Most PLR publishers will gladly provide you with samples of their work and may even offer a discount to you as a first time buyer. When you review their work, look for quality content with zero need for edits.

Even if you plan on rewriting the content, the presence of typos, spelling errors or grammar problems point to a sloppy, quick production process - which could mean the articles are not original or that they are poorly researched.

Rewriting vs. Repurposing

When you buy your PLR, ask yourself what you'll use it for. There are two general ways to go about this - rewriting it for distribution or repurposing it for packaging in reports, emails or blog posts. If you plan on publishing it anywhere online it needs to be rewritten - period.


The risk of duplicate content or arguments with other content holders is too great. Someone will always post the articles to directories or send it to their blog unedited and that means you cannot. Luckily, rewriting services are often much cheaper than original content services.

And if you'd rather skip rewriting altogether, you can repurpose your articles and put them into a free report or email newsletter. I recommend some basic rewriting to fit your format, but with good PLR, you can often package it up with minimal work and have an instant free report for only $10 worth of articles.

When and How to Distribute PLR

If you do plan on distributing content from PLR, make sure it is properly reworked. If you plan on submitting it, rewrite it to at least 50% originality and then run it through Copyscape to check. Most article directories won't accept PLR at all, so you'll need it to completely pass Copyscape for approval.

For your blog, however, just a quick rework will work wonders. Additionally, make sure to spread out your distribution. PLR content is valuable because it is inexpensive, so you can afford to buy a lot of it if you would like to reach multiple channels. Don't submit it all at once, however, lest you get tagged for spamming reworked content.

There are so many uses for PLR content that I find it amazing that so many marketers worry so much about where to get their next batch of fresh content. PLR can help people who are running your own membership site easily get drip fed content and is a secret tool used to dominating article marketing. It's right in front of you and it can be had for a right bargain.

The goal is to know when and how to use that mass produced content and to ensure the root source is of the highest quality. Only then can you be sure that your readers won't raise a questioning eyebrow when they open your next email.

With quality root PLR content in hand, you can develop ongoing, high yield marketing strategies with Rapid Rewriter in hand. Check out the link below to learn more about Rapid Rewriter and the numerous bonuses it comes with:

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