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How to Spy on Your Competitors AdWords

AdWords campaigns are tricky enough as it is, but grow ever more complicated when you throw in the effect of solid competitors.

It's extremely important to know what your competitors are bidding on, how much they are paying, and how those keywords are performing.

Lucky for you, Traffic Travis has among its many tools a method of spying on your competitors' AdWords campaigns, giving you a ton of useful data to build your own campaign.

Traffic Travis for AdWords Spying

To get started, go to the PPC Analysis page and either load up an existing project if you have already done some keyword research in Traffic Travis. Always remember to save your keywords to TXT files so that you can load them up later as projects in other parts of the software.

If you don't have a project already created, add a new one with the "Add Project" button. Choose the name of your project, the version of Google to use for your research and then add your keywords under the keyword tab.

Again, if you have a TXT file already, load it up now. If not, create a list of keywords to look up. I recommend keeping it relatively short each time so that you can analyse the data that shows up. If you have 2,000 keywords off the bat, it would take hours to sort through it all.

Once you've added keywords, create your project and then click on the "Start Update" button that appears on the PPC Analysis page. This will go through Google's AdWords listings and create a list of data to draw from regarding your keywords.

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Keywords/Details - The Keywords tab will show the keywords along with how many ads are currently showing, and how many advertisers are rotating through these keywords. This is important to gauge competitor volume and an important pay per click tip that you should use.

Top Sites - You can then look at the top sites for each keyword, allowing you to see where they show up, their average rank, and their overall listing strength in Google. This helps you see if Organic SEO might be a better route than PPC. Click on any site to see words that match your PPC list.

Popular Keywords - In this tab, you can see the maximum ads, minimum ads, and unique ads numbers. You can also see how many sites appear for each keyword, showing you which ones are the most popular based on the sites that were found.

Website Keywords - This last one will take those top sites and break them down to display which keywords in your list they are optimized for. This will give you an idea of what kind of quality score they're enjoying, and how hard it would be to compete for those words organically.

For the most part, it may not seem like you're getting exact data about you competitors and their PPC campaigns, but if you take a close look, you actually gain a LOT of information here. You now know how many people have ads, how those ads rank, how well optimized they are organically.

You can go to as well and research the actual cost of those ads, as they will appear there with an average total cost and CPC. The end result of all that data is that you can determine if it is worth your time to buy into a PPC ad campaign for terms that may or may not be highly competitive. You can also learn about your chances for organic optimization.

If you're even considering a competitive PPC campaign, always start with Traffic Travis and its analysis tool. To find out more on this tool, head over to our Traffic Travis review and bonus webpage:

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Whatever you're researching, download Traffic Travis today to speed up the process and build faster sites with better data:


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