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How to Write Great Sales Copy Headlines

I love good sales copy headlines. It's the epitome of what we do - taking a product or an idea and presenting it to readers in a short, compact format that will draw almost immediate attention.

It tests our ability to understand the prospects, target the right keywords and really drive someone's attention in as short a space as possible.

But, for a newcomer to affiliate marketing, getting those sales headlines just right is the hardest part of a very long learning process if you want to increase your conversion rates.

How can something as seemingly simple as 10-15 words at the top of your page really take that much time and energy to get right?

What You Headlines Need to Do

Good headlines need to grab attention, hold it and then convert that attention to action. The initial headlines that appear at the top of your page are designed to get people to read the page, but there are other headlines too - ones that will drive action down the page.

You'll ask them to sign up for your lists, keep reading, suspend disbelief and eventually click on an affiliate link and hopefully make a purchase.

But, how do these headlines do all that and what can you do to facilitate the action? To start with, you need to engage curiosity and also tap into a specific need or crisis that your reader may be having.

Presumably, they're having a problem that the product you're reviewing or promoting can solve.

The headline should outline exactly how they will be able to solve their problem while also highlighting why their problem is a big deal - you're leading their attention and then using it to drive the need for whatever you're promoting.

I like to do this with keywords like "secrets", "insider", "solve", "uncover", "revealed" and more. These words make it seem like they're in on something they shouldn't be and that they'll be given a special offer for following along.

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Examples of Effective Headline Formats

So, how do good headlines look? It depends on the niche and the needs of that audience. Here are some examples of formats that have always been effective:

* The Little Known Way to _______

* Who Else Wants to _______?

* Discover My Closely Guarded Secret to _____

* Long Time Insider Finally Reveals _______

* Finally Stop Worrying About _________ and Learn how to ________

As you can see, the point here is to drive the kind of action that will convert to further reading. There needs to be a promise in your headline - something you'll show them that they've been looking for.

Ask yourself what the keywords they used to reach your site related to, and what they're looking for. Now, try to answer that problem.

If you can provide a sliver of an answer and the promise of more, you'll draw their attention down the page, generating further clicks and the possibility of a conversion.

Good headlines don't require the world's best copywriters to master. You don't need a $10,000 writer to spend three weeks getting it just right. You simply need to know your audience and what they most want to hear.

Once you can master that, you'll be much closer to getting exactly what you need out of your sales copy - cold, hard conversions at higher rates than ever before.

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