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Top 3 Scripts to Use on Websites to Improve Conversion Rates

Conversion rate refers to the number of website visitors that take the anticipated action against the total number of visitors in a given period of time. According to reliable research, close to 60 percent of websites are oblivious of their conversion rates.

The truth is that you cannot boost your site’s performance if you don’t know your conversion rates.

If you don’t know your conversion rates, then you will not know what to consider when carrying out changes to your site’s design.

Any business website’s ultimate goal is to convert a visitor. The process begins from wherever the visitor clicked to get to your site, and is fulfilled when they take the desired action, which could be any of the following: buying a product (sales), subscribing to a newsletter; bookmarking a page; completing a survey; downloading an eBook, software or audio file; clicking on a link, and many more.

Most people think that conversion begins when a visitor lands on our website. On the contrary, conversion starts right at the moment a visitor clicks the link that finally brings them to your website. What is it that led the visitor to your site? This pre-conversion phase is very important because to a large extent, it determines whether a conversion takes place or not.

What exactly leads to conversion?

Well, first impressions matter a lot in website conversion. A visitor should instantly feel comfortable once they land at your page. Some important points that influence conversion include:

Fast page loading – It takes just one click to the next website so if your sites takes ages to load, a visitor will click away and you lose a potential customer.

Presentation – A business website ought to have a professional look and style. It should be able to portray professionalism and quality at first site. It adds some bit of credibility.

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Make your case known as quickly as possible and in not so many words. Give people what they’re looking for. Don’t ramble about your background and achievements.

Include enough means of contact plus your privacy policy. It helps to build trust.

Using scripts to boost conversion rates

There are many ways you can boost your conversion rates. Using scripts is one of the surest ways to grab visitors’ attention and convert them. Here are the three top 3 scripts to improve conversion rates:

GeoIP JavaScript WebService

This is a Geo-Location script that is used to display a visitor’s location. It is freely offered by MaxMind and it returns the visitor’s County, City, Longitude and Latitude, as well as region. This makes a visitor feel special and therefore they will be more likely to click through to another page and take action.


This is a PHP/MySQL split testing script that enables you carry out numerous tests on your website and tweak several features to get the highest possible conversion rate. However, it’s not freely available. You can purchase a one-off lifetime license at $129, or pay a monthly recurring fee of $10 for a leased license.

Tell A Friend

Tell A friend Script is a PHP based script allows visitors to your website to send emails to their contacts through your site, inviting them to visit too. In return, it greatly increases traffic the rate of conversion.


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