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5 Conversion Boosting Tactics

If you're one of those marketers struggling with conversions, here are five tips to help you get past those time consuming hours of testing and start getting improved conversions you crave.

1. Scarcity - The idea that something will not be available for long, or that it will go up in price or not offer the same content is a powerful motivator to buy.

People will act when they feel they have less time to act, so be sure to add key motivators throughout your copy and your emails.

Use JavaScript to place a timer on your page that counts down to when something will expire. Mention that prices might go up soon. Offer limited time bonuses if consumers buy through your links and not others. These are all useful ways to boost conversions.

2. Building Credibility - On the Internet, your biggest hurdle to a sale is trust and credibility. People need to know they can trust you up front and that you'll provide what you've promised consistently.

To do that, you need to build credibility by using testimonials, seals for guarantees and "trusted site" stickers, along with videos that show them who you are. On top of that, there are also certain website elements to increase trust that you can easily implement.

3. Focusing on Benefits - Showcase specific ways that the product will benefit the reader. Too many sites focus on long features lists that don't necessarily explain how they impact someone's life. Ask yourself how the product would make your life better if you were the lead. Now, write that down.

4. Email Capture and Bonuses - You should implement email marketing as soon as possible into your sites and use squeeze pages to capture as many leads as possible. The average email capture rate is 10 times higher than the average sales conversion rate.

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And email leads spend on average 50% more on additional products than those directly on your site. So, you can get higher conversions and create a funnel to make sales in the future, whenever a new product is released.

To boost email capture rates, use bonuses like free reports or mini-courses to draw people into your list.

5. The Right Hook - Hooks are vital. The average reader decides whether to leave a site within 3 seconds and will only stay on the site for 8 seconds, so you need to have multiple hooks throughout the text to keep their attention.

Use images to break up text, have a catchy, visible headline, and use scannable text in the form of bullet lists, subheaders, and small paragraphs that can be read very quickly. The easier it is to see what the benefits are on the page, the less time you have to hold their attention.

These five tips, as simple as they may seem, can turn your entire marketing campaign on its head if you put them to the right use. There are not insider secrets here.

These are the basic strategies that every affiliate marketer in the world uses to generate interest, develop leads, and ultimately convert all that traffic into tangible sales.

But, keep in mind that every niche and website is not the same. You might take what another marketer does and copy it exactly, using their same conversion rate boosting tactics, but it won't work the same for your customers.

Diversify your actions, try everything and continuously test the results. You'll eventually find the formula that works perfectly for you and your market.

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