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5 On-Page SEO Tips

On-page SEO is an essential part of optimizing a website. If you want to have a proven way to increase traffic, you should know about on-page SEO.

However, it is not that easy to use this method for optimization. This is why you should consider these 5 on-page SEO tips.

Create excellent title tags

Title tags can be found at the header of a website. If you have an excellent title tags, you’ll be able to spark the interest of many people. You are limited to 65 characters for your title tag with 2 or 3 keyword phrases.

Longer tags are also advantageous than shorter title tags. To make it more effective, you can use bar, hyphens, commas, and many more. But make sure that your title tag is completely related to everything that can be found on the website.

Put heading tags

Heading tags are used to determine about the content of an article of a webpage. This is very important among the 5 on-page SEO tips. Your heading should be relevant to the content of your website and have sub headings. Using keywords on your headers is important but do not make it more formal and familiar.

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Give the appropriate keyword density

This is the number of searchable keyword or keyword phrases in an article of a website. This is very important for optimizing a webpage because it helps in achieving high page rankings in search engines like Yahoo or Google. It is ideal to place about 3% of keyword density. More than the average might result for spam.

Use anchored keyword interlinking

This is an excellent technique for your webpage to get sufficient traffic. It is one of the most important on-page SEO tips. All you need is to use keywords that point to your articles and pages of your website.

Three or four links per standard 400 word article is a great strategy. This is enough for you to set your webpage visible on the net.

Optimize the image

This is an important SEO tip. A lot of people want to browse websites with great pictures. This is why you should optimize the images of your website and articles so that you can easily attract people to browse your page.

It is also best to add keywords on your image to increase its visibility on the net. Picking a nice image is ideal, as it will reflect the entire article.

On page SEO is important. However, search rankings is heavily influenced by gaining high page rank links and have authority sites "vote" for your website.

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