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How to Write Great Product Reviews

No matter what type of Internet Marketing you indulge in, you'll eventually need to write a good product review after finding profitable affiliate niches.

All the squeeze pages, list marketing, and social networking pages in the world won't do you any good if you cannot provide viable benefits and advice on buying a product.

The Pieces of a Good Product Review

How you write your review will depend in part on your readers. What specific needs and desires do the buyers in your particular niche have? However, there are some truths to product reviewing that remain constant, no matter what niche you're working in as they work on effective psychological tactics in your marketing.

* The Information a Reader Needs - Always start by asking yourself what a reader truly wants to know about the product. If you're trying to sell a solar panel kit, they probably need to know how easy it is to setup, and how much money they will save.

It's important to know what preconceptions a reader has of the product and what problems they need solved. A lot of this can be learned on the product website, but part of it will come out in your own research.

* Essential Knowledge of a Product - In addition to knowing the customer, you need to know the product. If it is not a niche you intrinsically know a lot about, dig in and do some significant research.

This means learning the lingo used by niche participants, what is considered "valuable" in this niche, and what most readers will expect to learn about that product.

* Discuss Your Experience - It's always good to have your own personal experiences outlined in a review. Readers can identify with you better if you describe your problems and then relate them to the product.

Remember, however, that recent FCC regulations require you to not only use the product, but to disclose that you are reviewing it with the intention of gaining a profit from referrals.


* Focus on Benefits - A good review will find a way to discuss the features of a product in a tone and language that points out the benefits to the reader. You already know what the target reader expects and needs.

Now, relate the details of the product to the reader in a way that will engage them. For example, you wouldn't say a vacuum "has 34 horsepower". That's interesting, but how does it affect the reader.

Instead, you'd want to say, "with 34 horsepower, finally get to the crumbs and dirt deep down in your carpet and furniture, removing unwanted scents and achieving complete cleanliness." You've identified a problem your readers might have and showed how the product solves it. This is a great conversion boosting tactic that you need to implement to get more sales.

* Realistic Breakdown and Verdict - Finally, don't be too glowing or too negative in any one review. Almost no product reviews are that kind of review. Even when a product deserves a glowing or seething review, be fair in your evaluation.

The more balanced and subjective a review appears to be, the better your readers will respond to it. This goes for essentially any niche or level of review.

Writing a good product review is a careful balancing act. You need to find a way to highlight how the product helps your reader, all of its ups and downs, and the reason they should click your link and go buy it, without seeming too eager or letting that FTC disclaimer lose you any conversions.

Part of it will come with practice, and a lot of it will come with heavy research of the product and your niche. Do these things and you can bet that your reviews will start snagging those all-important clicks and conversions.

Whether with info products or the newer trend for physical products, you need a program that will help you write good reviews and put them with solid, converting sites.

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