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How to Generate Floods of Leads

And that's just one way to start getting leads. Let's jump into a few more that work wonders for a lot of marketers.

Traffic is hard to get. It takes time tweaking your SEO actions, double checking your PPC campaign, and split testing your pages over and over again.

So, when you finally start getting good streams of traffic only to see those visitors disappear from your site seconds after they arrive without buying anything, it can be frustrating.

But, don't despair. In reality, only 3% of all visitors will ever make a purchase - and that's considered a very good conversion rate.

So, the vast majority - over 97% of all people who come to your site - will walk away. In fact, studies estimate that most visitors will leave your website within 8 seconds, without looking at a second page.

That's a lot of bleeding traffic. So, what does a good affiliate marketer do about it and implement conversion boosting tractics? They flip that seemingly lost traffic into highly valuable leads with email capture forms.

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Capturing Email Addresses

An email marketing list is infinitely more valuable than any traffic generating campaign. Because, while only 3% of your visitors will consider a purchase on average, the average email capture list will gather email addresses from 30% of all unique visitors. If you can learn how to use squeeze pages to improve conversion rates, imagine the extra profits you could earn.

Ten times as many people are willing to part with their email address than their money. It's not that surprising if you really think about it.

They still need a solution for their problem and if you can offer them something useful in return for their email address, they're much more willing to take you up on it than spend $37 of their hard earned money.

And conversion rates from people on an email list are much higher, with long term potential to make multiple purchases.

But, simply saying you need to gather email addresses and actually doing it are two different things. To start with, you need to make sure people actually see the form to enter their email address. This is done by using a Popover - a simple overlay on your site that will ask them to sign up.

It's not a popup, so you don't need to worry about Google getting fussy, and it can be timed to appear after they've been reading for a while. If you're interested in seeing what I'm talking about, just head over to SaleHoo and wait a few seconds for their form to popup.

If you're worried about having people leave before your form appears, you can have it appear when they try to leave the page as well.

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Getting the Signups

Simply having a box for them to sign up isn't always going to work. You need to offer them incentive. Imagine you're bartering with them for that email address. You'll need to offer something of substantial value to get them to relinquish their address.

If they're even remotely interested in the affiliate offer, they very well may give in to get a freebie on the topic. Good ideas for freebies include:

* Free Short Report - Something between 15-30 pages will always be valuable for someone in need of answers.

* 7-Part Mini-Course - A mini-course is great because it establishes a long term connection with multiple messages.

* Trial Membership - Get them interested in the product with introductory membership.

Having tools that offer a small bit of what they are looking for - a snippet of the solution they've been seeking - will often translate into a trust level you can never develop from cold traffic that just arrived on your site.

And, eventually, when you go to cash in on those leads and pitch them an offer, they'll be much more amenable to clicking on those links and checking out what you have to offer.

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